Industrial RO System

Industrial RO System

We offer comprehensive range of Industrial RO System which is a process of water filtration that works under high pressure, using special membranes to remove suspended, dissolved, bacterial and chemical impurities from water. Our Industrial RO system destroys entire toxic chemicals, germs and salts present in water to provide a safe and contamination free water. Reverse osmosis system uses semi permeable membrane which lets only unpolluted solvent to pass through it while the solute (i.e. dissolved material) retains on other side and finally get rejected.



UF / Amiad / Conventional

Membrane Hosing

FRP or SS Housing


High Recovery

pH Range

2 – 12


< 45 Degree

Salt Rejection

Greater than 95%

Membrane Type

Thin Film Composite PA membranes

Flow Rate

250 lts / hr to 100000 Lts / hr


  • Bottled Water Quality Drinking Water
  • Removal of Heavy metals
  • Final stage for the Recovery of Waste Water