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TransWater System Private Limited

Vikas Brahmavar
Bangalore, Karnataka
Business Type:
Trader, Supplier & Wholesaler
Major Markets:
South East Asia & India
Main Products
Water Treatment Plant ,Iron Removal
Media & Water Conditioner Media
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About Us

The explosive population growth and rapid urbanization have put unbearable pressure on fresh water resources. To salvage this bleak prospect we TransWaters Private Limited have stepped in with our industry leading expertise in water treatment solutions in the year 2010 in Bangalore, Karnataka.

  • We have partnered with Aqua Purification Systems and working with Next Filtration Technologies (USA), Mann + Hummel for varieties of solutions
  • Our products and services have residential , commercial and industrial applications
  • Some of the solutions offered by us are: Water Conditioner Media, Iron Removal Media, Water Treatment Plant, Pre-Filtration Systems (Amiad, Azud) , Industrial Water Softener and Industrial RO System
  • Recovery of 75% to 95% is achieved with various technologies
  • Our system reduces the turbidity of the Water, removes Organic Contaminants, Softened or Conditions the Water. Filtration upto 100 Micron is achieved. Custom designed Water Treatment systems can also be designed and supplied

Products We Offer

In a comparatively short span of time we have created a niche position in the water purification landscape of the busy and fast growing metropolis of Bangalore, Karnataka. We offer Water Treatment Plant for the apartment / layout / villa and sewage Water Treatment Plant for the layout, apartment. Products offered by us are:

Under these broad categories we offer several products and services.

Why Us?

In a very brief period we have tackled the bull of pure water scarcity and waste water management by the horns and offered resoundingly viable solutions thrown up by these two problems. Some of the features that set us apart in the crowded domain are as follows:

  • We believe in giving solutions rather than products. We analyze or request the complete water analysis report before recommending any product
  • We recommend the system which consume less chemical for maintenance and sometimes no chemical depending on the treatment and quality requirement
  • We clearly understand the urgency for quality water in every field
  • We stand for transforming any quality of feed water to any desired water quality
  • We feel responsible to provide solutions which are most economical and as environment friendly as possible
  • We believe in keeping water as natural as possible with all non-desirable properties removed or reduced to desirable levels depending on the application or requirement

Quality Assurance

We are a quality driven organization which believes nature wants every citizen of the earth to have access to purest of water for drinking and daily activities. We believe in giving solutions rather than products. Following are some of the features that mark us as a quality conscious enterprise:

  • We take care of environment impacts of the product during our design
  • Our designs will have the least amount of waste water comparing to similar products in the market and least amount of power consumption and pressure drop across the system
  • We believe in reduction of Chemicals used for treatment
  • We recommend the system which consume less chemical for maintenance and sometimes no chemical depending on the treatment and quality requirement
  • All our products are NSF61 Certified products
  • Water Conditioners Media is DVGW certified, U.S Green Building Approved, Can Claim LEED points