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Reverse Osmosis System

1. What would be treated water quality after RO system ?

RO system will reduce 98% of TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) from the incoming water and remove Micro Organisms, bacteria and other contaminants from water.

If the feed water is general ground water source, the treated water from RO would be bottled water quality.

Infact all / most bottled water plant has RO purification to produce bottled water.

2. What is the smallest size of Industrial RO system ?

The smallest commercial RO system starts from 200 lts / hr and can be designed for any higher capacity.

Incase there is higher iron in the incoming water, we also include Iron removal filter along with the above.

3. What would be the quantity of waste water ?

Depends on the design and size of the system. The smaller the system of RO, the higher the amount of waste water to treated water ratio. We design system > 3000 lts / hr with even 80% recovery.

4. Can the waste water be reused?

The Waste water from RO system will be high concentrate water and can be sometimes used for gardening. The quality of waste water also depends on the incoming water and its generally done on case to case basis if the some part of water can be reused.

5. How difficult is it to maintain an RO system ?

Depends on the model which is selected, we have completely automatic systems which need minimal intervention. However, it is recommended to monitor the system on regular basis. RO system has anti-Scalent chemicals being used and top up of the chemical has to be done on regular basis (Could be a week or a month)