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We / I have been one of the early customers for "TransWater System" Nano Technology based Water Conditioning system

Ms. Skanda residency is run and maintained by its own association were looking for Water Treatment solution for the apartment. While studying the marked and technologies available, the name of Ms.Transwaters System was recommended by one of our contacts. We had detailed technical discussion with Ms. Transwaters System who rightly suggested the Nano Technology System which is not only Environment friendly. But provides all the positive effects of Soft water without usage of any chemical and with least maintenance. We have been using their product since January 2009 and we are pleased with the performance of product and their service. We recommend their product for similar applications”

Mr. Ramesh Upadhya / Ms. Skanda Residency

We have a Water Conditioning system supplied by Ms. Transwaters System (based on Nano Technology) which is environment friendly. We opted for this system recommended by Ms. Transwaters System as it does not waste water and also does not pollute the environment as done by other process technology.

We are using the system continuously and are deriving desired results. We have no hesitation in recommending their product as an environment friendly system and is the best alternative for Conventional Salt based Water Softener, Which leaves back the Salty water to the ground.

Ms. Reliable Lavendula
Huskur Gate, Bangalore

Contact Person: Mr. Pankaj Mishra / Dr. Arun