Water Conditioner Media

Water Conditioner Media

We bring to our client a very innovative product which is environment friendly alternative for Water Softener. Hard Water issues can now be solved without any chemicals and maintenance free. Are your customers finding it very difficult to add salt to their existing water softener system, Water conditioner is the best solution. Use our media instead of water softener resin and get rid of waste water, regeneration issues with conventional softener. Water conditioner media does not add sodium to the treated water and is completely chemical free. Unlike the water softener which is designed based on the volume of water, Water Conditioner is designed depending on the rate of flow. Water Conditioner is best system which can solve Hard water issues. We help our dealer solve their customer hard water issues with our NSF61 certified and DVGW approved Water Conditioner media.Water Conditioner system can also add to LEED points for building participating in Green Building concepts


  • Extremely efficient - 5 seconds contact time regardless of hardness level. Conventional Ion Exchange resin requires 90 seconds
  • No salt or other regenerants required
  • No water waste from backwashing
  • No brine discharge. Can be used in areas where conventional water softeners are banned
  • Long lasting media-not consumed by the reactions
  • Unique "Template Assisted Crystallization" (TAC) technology induces the formation of microscopic calcium crystals which effectively isolate hardness from the water chemistry
  • No control valve or electricity required
  • Media can be used in both conventional mineral tanks or POU cartridge form
  • Media operates in upflow condition


  • Foodservice
    • Coffee & Tea Brewers
    • Espresso Machines
    • Steamers & Proofers
    • Dishwashing
  • Commercial/Industrial
    • Car Washes
    • Laundries
    • Evaporative Coolers (single-pass)
    • Hotels, Hospitals, Apartments
  • Residential
    • Laundry - reduced soap usage, cleaner clothes
    • Dishwasher - reduced soap usage, less spotting, no scale formation
    • Water Heater - complete protection from scale
    • Drinking water - beneficial minerals are retained, no sodium or other chemicals added to water