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Water Treatment Plant

1. How many stages of treated will a Water treatment plant have ?

We have WTP (Water treatment Plant) starting from 2 stage to 7 Stage system. However, the system is designed depending on the incoming water quality. Once we have the report we can suggested the exact Water Treatment Plant required for your water.

2. Mentioned the types of treatment done in a WTP ?

Our standard Water treatment plant includes the following:

  • Pre-Filtration – 130 Micron
  • Pressure – Z- Filter or Pressure Sand Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Water Softener / Water Conditioner

Incase there is higher iron in the incoming water, we also include Iron removal filter along with the above.

3. Can this system be installed to the borewell line ?

No. Generally we don't recommend any treatment system to be installed in the borewell line as the incoming pressure could be very high and chances of varying pressure is high.

The best location to install is in-between 2 storage tank in the same level and pumping from first sump to the second.

4. What are the parameters required for designing WTP ?
  • Complete Water Analysis Report
  • Availability of 2 storage tanks in the same level either in the ground floor or in the top floor
  • Pumping capacity from 1st sump to the 2nd sump (Sumps in the same level)
  • Total volume of water required per day